ShareX config

How to setup CDN System to work with ShareX

  1. On the left side of ShareX navigate to Destinations
  2. In the Destinations menu, click Custom Uploader Settings
  3. Create a new uploader using the new button at the top left.
  4. Change the Request URL to yourdomain.tld/api/index.php
  5. On the "body" table located on the right side, verify that the "Body" selection menu has "Form data (multipart/form-data)" selected.
  6. Go to the website and find your API key. This is located right after your login.
  7. On this same table, in the "Name" and "Value" columns, add the following:
    • Name: apiKey
    • Value: {YOUR API KEY}
  8. Under the table change File form name: to upload
  9. On the "Image uploader" select on the left, make sure your configuration is selected and click "Test" to verify the functionality of the uploader.
  10. Go back to the main ShareX menu and click "After upload tasks" and then click "Copy URL to clipboard"