Create a Subsection

How to create a subsection on Documentation System

  1. Navigate to your admin panel (located at yourdomain.tld/admin).
  2. Click on the "Subsections" icon (the third icon down).
  3. Click the "Add Subsection" button in the top right.
  4. Configure your subsection as follows:
    • Set the Section field to be the section in which you want the subsection to appear under.
    • Set the Position field to be the order in which you want your subsection to appear (the lower the value, the higher it appears).
    • Set the Name field to be the name of the subsection.
    • Set the Link field to be the string that you want users to access the subsection at (ie: how-to-install, create-a-section, etc).
    • Set the Roles field to be a JSON array of Discord role IDs which should be allowed to access the section (click the button to the right of the field to have the site build an array for you).
    • Set the Description field to be a description of what the subsection is about. Keep it under 255 characters.
    • Set the Text field to be markdown data that can be rendered in HTML. Please checkout the markdown guide here.